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एका ब्राह्मणवाद्याच्या पत्राला अनिता पाटील यांचे खरमरीत उत्तर

+अस्पृश्यता पाळणारी 'श्यामची आई' आदर्श कशी?+  या  लेखाचे निमित्त करून एका ब्राह्मणवाद्याने अनिता पाटील यांना पत्र लिहून बुद्धिभेद करण्याचा प्रयत्न केला. या ब्राह्मणवाद्यास अनिता पाटील यांनी खरमरीत पत्र लिहिले. श्यामची आई वर काहीही न लिहिता हा ब्राह्मणवादी विषयांतर करून नुसताच वाद घालत होता. दोन वेळा उत्तरे दिल्या नंतरही त्याचे हे उद्योग सुरूच होते. शेवटी या ब्राह्मनिस्टास अनिता पाटील यांनी खडसावून त्याचे ढोंग उघड केले. अनिता पाटील यांचे  हे पत्र वाचकांसाठी देत आहे.       
anita patil said...

Mr. MW,

Alas! one more false story.

I am not writing against any cast or community. I am writing against falshood wich is dominating the truth. In this very article on which u are arguing has nothing against brahmin community. It dealt with Brahmism of a protagonist of a particular Novel. This protagonist can not be Icon of our society. U want nobody should question integrity of this protagonist i.e. +Shyamchi Aai+ Marley b,coz she is Brahmin. This is the problem. 

when anybody writing or talking about past of brahmins u people Cries Loudly, +Dont talk about past. see towards future!+ Oh what a wonder! At the same time u people want to evict Muslims from this country b,coz of there past. U people demolished +Babari Mousque+ to set the past right. U peole Created +James Lain+ on the name of history. and still u r preaching that +one should not talk about past or history. u only want not speak about Bramins Past. It is realy amazing. 

where were u, When babari was being demolished, James Lain was provided false information? It is called nothing but hypocrisy. Come out of it. U want special treatment to Brahmanic Icons. Why? Is this not the Castism? 

I didn't ask ur cast. why r u telling me that I am not Brahmin? U r only trynig to show that +See i am not Brahmin and still talking in the support of brahmins. Brahmins r being Suppressed badly!+ This is again a hypocrisy. 
Pls understand u people r now unveiled and exposed. U can't cheat anymore. No body come into ur tricks. 

At the end i would like u to speak on the subject of my article. pls don't get off the Line. 

Anita Patil, Aurangabad.


M W said... 
Ms. Anita Patil,
You need psychiatric help! Instead of living in the present and looking at what future holds for you, you are trying to go as far in the past as possible and try to keep breeding caste-related contempt in the CURRENT society based on some 100 yr old HISTORICAL event. 
No one has denied that certain communities had demeaning behavior towards some other communities. But this has happened all over the world in the history -- take examples of Nazis towards Jews, White skinned people towards Blacks, etc. You won't see people writing blogs about this in those countries RIGHT NOW, and that is why they are so far ahead of India! They dumped the bitter past and started moving ahead!
Because, this is exactly what Indian corrupt politicians want us to do -- DIVIDE and CONQUER -- they want us to ignore the real issues like corruption, inadequate infrastructure in the country, and instead keep fighting about caste-related issues, that too those which might have happened 100 years ago!
Is any brahmin considering you "untouchable" RIGHT NOW? If yes, you can report him/her in the Police!
What you are doing is like cursing the PRESENT general people of UK because up until about 75 years ago few hundred British ruled India!
While cursing a particular community -- in this case brahmins -- based on a FICTITIOUS character in a 100 year old story, you are also turning a blind eye towards many other good things done for under-privileged people by some REAL LIFE people from the same community. 
And that is why I call it a cheap publicity! You need to grow up and have broader vision to see where the country is headed. 
If you have decided to remain in this limited custody of breeding contempt for certain castes through such blogs, may God help you realize what you are doing!!
13 November 2011 22:22 

M W said...
Also, if you think Shyamachi Aai was not the ideal fictitious woman and they should not tell her stories in school to the present children, make that appeal to the Govt of Maharashtra and get that story or book removed from the syllabus than just blindly tagging an entire community to be bad and breeding this caste-hatred in the current society. 
By the way, I am not brahmin! But I have had a variety of friends -- Hindu (brahmin as well as non-brahmins), Christians, and Muslims as well -- and all of them have always helped me in various ways, irrespective of their own casts or irrespective of my caste. 
So if you have never experienced that goodness of humanity in life, you need some new friends who will get you out of this limited thinking style.

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